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In order to add the content sections you are going to use widgets. Your widgets are found in the left side bar under “Appearance” and “Widgets.”

Available widgets are in the two left columns of your page and current widgets are in the right side of your page. It is as easy as dragging and dropping an available widget into a current widget to customize that section of your site.

Note: h1 – h3 are set up to be “White” color & h4 – h6 are set up to be “Grey” color.

Please note that you can also preview your page at any time by clicking on the upper left link showing your page’s name & choosing “visit site”

There are six main sections which need to be updated to get your website up & running:

1. Home Feature Hero a.k.a. Page Greeting
2. Home Mission a.k.a. ‘About Us’
3. Home Service Times
4. Home Location
5. Teachings
6. Navigation Bar

If you have any problems please submit an issue to us below:

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