Why People Are Leaving Your Church And Never Coming Back

There are many reasons why people may be leaving your church and never coming back. Some you can control and some you simply cannot. It is still important, however, to figure out why people are leaving your church and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future. Why People Are…

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How Your Church Website Can Be An Evangelism Tool

As I look around the Internet at church websites, it honestly makes me sad. Not because churches are notorious for having the absolute worst sites on the internet—That is a different article for a different day but if you want a quick look check out this article. But because the vast majority of churches are…

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Moving People to Take Action From Your Church Website

One of the first places you can make an impact on someone is with your church website. Ensuring you have your church website setup correctly and laid out clearly can help you make the best impression the first time. This can also help attract new visitors to your church. Here are some tips to make…

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Creating a Healthy Culture of Leadership within the Church

Church leaders often have the responsibility of achieving a lot with a little. Whether it be a little bit of time or a small staff, one way you can positively affect change as a church organization is to cultivate a healthy culture of leadership. After all, a healthy church leader will cultivate a healthy church….

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Developing Leaders Within Your Church

How To Develop High-Level Volunteer Leaders A common phrase often heard from church leaders is, “We need more volunteers.” Between hospitality, kids ministry, student programs, adult groups, weekly office help, and many more categories, church leaders feel the constant pressure of recruitment. Volunteer recruitment has been and continues to be a hot topic and a…

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How to stay creative when you keep getting interrupted

How do you stay creative with all the distractions around you? In this short 6 minute audio podcast, Joshua Brown (ChurchPress CEO) gives you his tips and strategies on how to stay creative when you keep getting interrupted.