Build a Quality Church Website with the New Overcomer Theme

Have you noticed that a lot of church websites are, well, not great? Us too, and we want to change that!

But maybe you’re asking, “How important is a quality church website if we already have a Facebook page?”

Our answer: extremely important!

Your website is often the first encounter people have with your church—and sometimes—with God, because people still search for churches on Google every single day. If your goal is to invite people into the body of Christ and grow their relationship with Him, then it’s worth creating a good online experience for your visitors.

Don’t let issues like bad design, unreadable fonts, outdated content and broken links keep people from connecting to your church and learning why you exist. Instead, let us help you create a quality website and better reach the world for Christ!

Check out our blog on “The Top 7 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Quality Website

If your church’s website could use some work but you aren’t sure where to start, read up on how our brand-new Overcomer web theme can help you.


Like any good website, the best church websites combine both beauty and functionality. Not only should it be easy on the eyes—it should be easy to navigate and find information too.

This balance is hard to find with most of the generic, poorly designed, uninteresting church themes out there. The Overcomer web theme was created differently, though. With both the first-timer and the regular church-goer in mind, this theme provides clean, eye-catching design and an easy user experience.

With the Overcomer web theme, you can…

  1. Easily update your site with our simple page-building tool
  2. Enjoy unlimited storage with our ChurchPress Web Hosting
  3. Avoid site crashes or downtime with our 99.9% uptime guarantee
  4. Have peace of mind with the included SSL Security Certificate
  5. Receive a premium SEO pack and live training with our resident experts
  6. Build a great user experience with CTAs to get people engaged on your site

And perhaps the best part about the Overcomer web theme is that it’s highly customizable. Churches of all sizes and denominations can build an incredible website with this theme, and you can start using it today for only $49 a month! PLUS it pairs perfectly with our 30-day Overcomer social media pack that will create consistency between your web and social media designs.

One more thing… When you purchase the Overcomer theme, you have the freedom to update and manage everything yourself. Or, you can opt for our team to be with you every step of the way. That way we can take care of the website building, plugin updates, or re-launching tasks you don’t have time for.

You can purchase the Overcomer web theme here.

Make sure to check out our other web themes over at, too. Or, if you’re looking for a custom theme designed specifically for your church, we’re happy to discuss.

Want to get started now? Just shoot us an email at [email protected] to let us know your interest and a team member will reach out to you!

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