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our vision is simple

To empower local churches everywhere with dynamic websites that reach their communities for Christ.

using every means possible to
share the gospel

We believe God uses the power of the Gospel and the vehicle of the local church to reach the lost.

And in our digital age, many unchurched people are encountering Christianity online. More often than not, someone’s first impression of a church comes directly from the church website.

It’s crucial for today’s churches to have functional, findable, beautiful sites with good user experiences for both seekers and regular attendees. This is where Churchpress comes in—we help bridge that gap between someone finding a church online and then visiting in person. And we believe that WordPress themes built specifically for churches can accomplish that!




Nils Smith served in full-time ministry for almost 2 decades before transitioning into full-time ministry consulting. Nils last served as the Innovation Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas which was one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the country. He has consulted with churches such as Hillsong Church, Transformation Church, Shoreline City, Crossroads Church and more helping to align ministry objectives with online strategies. In addition to leading the team at Chruchpress, Nils is also the Founder of Amplify Social Media and Head of Innovation for Dunham+Company.

In his years of serving churches around technology and media he continued to find that a dynamic church website was too often missing and necessary as the new front door for churches everywhere. When Nils found Churchpress that was originally created by Joshua Brown and the incredible team at Soulheart he immediately wanted to be a part of bringing this powerful website infrastructure to churches everywhere.



We’re a passionate group of creatives who love Jesus, love the local church, and love how technology can help the local church reach the world! Our team is filled with pastors, youth volunteers, church social media managers, and plain ol’ church-goers who are fully devoted to the sake of the Gospel. Now, we’re combining our passions for the Lord with the expertise of our team to help churches everywhere turn their websites into their most valuable outreach tools.
Thanks for being here, we’re praying for your church, and we hope your Churchpress theme helps the Gospel spread further, faster!

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