Staying Plugged In

If you know me at all (you can see my bio below), then you know that my family & I love Disneyland. I mean, we LOVE it. So you would think I would learn sooner than later that being at Disney inevitably does one thing – drain your phone battery! Four lines, ten castle pictures and one churro into the day and you look down to see that red battery with 10% remaining staring back at you.

So, it was on one of these wonderful Disney days that I found myself sitting in the Toon Town jail, attached to a four-foot battery cable as I watched everyone around me enjoying the rides, food and other attractions (not a daunting task, I love to people watch, but not exactly what you plan to do after spending $100 to get in for the day). Shortly into my hour wait, a dad of three saw me sitting, plugged in and exclaimed (in probably his first show of genuine excitement all day), “You found an outlet!! Can I share?” I made room and we sat chatting and charging our phones while kids roamed in and out the jail, stopping to take pictures behind the bendable bars.

As we sat plugged in, a teenage girl walked through and started giggling as she saw us, saying, “That’s awesome.” He looked at her and asked if she would like to charge her phone as well. She shook her head, pulled out a small brick and said, “Nope, I’m fully charged. It’s portable.”

I knew about portable chargers, but never thought they were worth the investment, until now, as I sat tethered. This dad, however, looked at her in amazement and was immediately sold, “Wow, I’m going to get one of those!” (I now have a portable charger I take on each trip, in case you’re wondering).

God brought this experience to my mind recently when a question was posed during a Bible Study, “What’s it like to live in the power of the Holy Spirit?” And I think it’s a lot like this.

When the Holy Spirit resides in your heart, you can always be fully charged – spending daily quiet time in the Word, constantly praying and seeking God’s will for your life – and living in complete freedom.

Being plugged in to the ultimate power source of the Holy Spirit allows you to truly experience the abundant life that Jesus provides. Don’t let the price deter you from the value of the investment.

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