Why We Share Our Faith When It’s Unpopular

We live in an age where we share our highlight reel for the world to see: our best meals on Instagram, our deepest thoughts on Twitter & our funniest video on YouTube. But there’s nothing worse than posting something that you think is great only to realize no one else liked it.

As silly as it sounds, we all know the feeling of posting something online without getting one ‘like’ and thinking, ‘should I delete that?’ It’s the same with our faith – when we share our story and those around us are uninterested or have negative things to say it can deter us from sharing again.

But God’s calling on our life isn’t to be disciples to the nations (Mt 28:19), when it’s convenient, or to be His witnesses in the Earth (Acts 1:8), when someone seems interested. No, it is a constant call on our life and our hearts.

If we are truly being obedient to God then ‘not getting likes’ won’t deter us.

Our job is to simply spread the message, we leave the task of changing hearts and minds to Christ.

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