Website Content: Navigation Bar

Creating your Navigation Bar

The first step in creating your navigation bar is to create all your Pages first – they don’t need content yet, but you will want to create each page that you want your nav bar to link to.

To add a page go to the left sidebar and hover over “Page” and click “Add New.” From here add the Title that you want to appear in your nav bar & click Publish (left side of the page). Again, you don’t need any content yet – this just makes it easier to set up your nav bar.

Now hover over “Appearance” (left sidebar) & go to “Menus.” Title you Menu “Navigation Bar” and from the left side of the screen you can checkmark which pages you want to appear in your menu (we suggest 5 links in the nav bar for the best fit). Then you can rearrange by drag & drop into your menu & even add sub-categories as needed. Save your custom menu.

Now hover over “Appearance” & go back to “Widgets.” You are going to use the widget on the right side of the screen labeled “Header Right.” From the left side of the widget page drag & drop “Custom Menu” into “Header Right”. Once this is moved over choose the custom Menu you just created “Navigation Bar” and save it in the “header right” widget.

Preview your page & see your nav bar.

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