Integrations: Sermons

Wait, I thought I saw them listed as Teachings on the demo site?

Yep, you saw right. After research our team did, we found the most relatable phrase for sermons to resonate with both church people and non-church people was Teachings. However, you can change this up if you want, but for the purpose of this article we’ll go back to the old Sermons verbiage.

We realize that every church needs to get their sermons online, but web hosting companies generally do not like you to upload them to your website. Read on to learn why this is and what solutions we recommend to help your church sermons get delivered to your audience in the best way possible!

Why do sermons need to be hosted elsewhere?

When people play audio or video files hosted directly on your website the connection between a user’s computer and your server requires zero interruptions. The majority of standard hosting services do not include this service and sites that disregard the warnings often experience slowness across their entire site. Companies such as Amazon S3 have created great solutions for churches to store media, but figuring them out can be cumbersome and purchasing the right amount of bandwidth can be a frustrating experience.

What services do you recommend?

At ChurchPress, we recommend solutions that serve the people you want to reach while being realistic about your budget.

Free Services

YouTube, Vimeo, & SoundCloud

If you record your services via video, then YouTube and Vimeo are the preferred channels to get your message out. In fact, we’ve built into our themes a simple way to just add the embed code from these services into a simple post and your sermon is live!

If you record your services via audio only, then SoundCloud is a great service to use. People can play SoundCloud on a variety of devices and if you are daring you can even create a podcast out of your files and submit to iTunes!

Paid Services

One of our favorite services for allowing for uploading audio or video sermons is SubSplash. The team at SubSplash is passionate about helping the Church get messages into the hands of people all around the world and on every device possible. In fact, they recently announced a new app for AppleTV.

You can just use SubSplash as an audio or media player or you can dive completely in and use them to help you set up an app for your church. If you are interested in app development, start by contact us so we can get you connected through an expedited process and help you get your app built!

Streaming Services & Platforms

We absolutely love Church Online Platform. Pioneered by Life.Church, formerly, and the makers of the Bible App, Church Online Platform launched as a FREE tool for churches to use to broadcast their services online. Church Online Platform is essentially a video player, community chat, notes, and calls to action. You choose your streaming service and they integrate directly with the service. This is an absolutely great tool for churches to use that are focused on streaming and want to directly connect with people from all over the world watching their services.

The biggest draw for Church Online Platform that resonates with our team? Language Translation. You can serve people and allow the chat feature to do real-time translation. So if you are chatting with someone speaking Hindi, you’ll each be able to read each others’ messages in your own language! Right now this feature supports more than 70 languages and includes ever major language group in the world!

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