With Breeze you can easily group people by assigning them a tag. Then use that tag to communicate with the group, add the members to an event, or for other administrative tasks. Tags can be used to group volunteers, event attenders, small group members, and more. With Breeze’s Contribution Tracker you can even receive alerts if regular givers stop giving. Contributions allow you to have a handle on the financial health of your church, the generosity of your attenders, and an eye out for families that may need additional care. Breeze also offers Events and ChildCare trackers where you can schedule events, take event attendance, and print name tags on-the-spot. Generate reports to find out what age groups are attending, where most people are coming from, and more. You will also receive alerts if families stop coming multiple weeks in a row. Our favorite feature with Breeze is the ability to either transfer your data from other software on your own or if your’d like, they will do it for you with no extra charge.

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