ACS Technologies

ACS is a cloud based church management software that we recommend that breaks up their features by categories.

Member Information: Quickly map routes to homes of members and visitors for home visits, and generate census reports to learn more about your members.

Giving and Contributions: Here you can offer quick and easy check processing, manage contribution statements and accept one-time and/or recurring gifts.

Online Community Tools: In this area you build deeper personal relationships through a private online community. You connect newcomers or re-connect disconnected members into the life of your church. Target communication to just the right people, and find and recruit the right people to meet specific volunteering needs.

Pastoral Shepherding: Here you can enter, plan, and record incoming and outgoing contacts, pinpoint participation levels so you can maximize your growth potential, and monitor church response to stewardship campaigns.

Small Groups: In small groups you can make it easier for people to get involved in small groups, equip leaders to communicate with their groups more efficiently, post and share group calendars online, and enable leaders to submit attendance online.

Event Management: Allow members and non-members to register for events online, accept full and partial event payments, and easily communicate schedule changes and updates.

Child Security: Keep record of allergies and special needs of each child, have confidence in matching guardians with children, instantly provide visitor badges to guests, and quickly alert members during an emergency.

Volunteer Management: Easily manage and coordinate hundreds of volunteers, host sign ups online and ensure that your volunteers have all the necessary training.

Mobile App: Access the ACS database easily on your mobile device, available to either all members or secure for staff only.

*Please note: We are in no way affiliated with any of the above software options and our recommendations are based solely on personal experience. Charges and fees incurred through the software are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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