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Building a Church Website that gets found by Google

How can a church website benefit the congregation? Building a church website can greatly benefit the congregation by increasing outreach...

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Cutting Edge Designs and Features for Church Websites

What Makes a Great Church Website? When it comes to creating a standout church website, several crucial elements and features...

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The Top 7 Reasons Your Church Needs a Quality Website

Your church needs a website for a lot of reasons – and there are definitely more than only seven! If...

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A video of MLB Player Hank Aaron on missional living

MLB Player Hank Aaron On Powerful Missional Living

Baseball season has finally come! Did you know that America’s favorite pass time and living a missional life for Jesus...

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Our Adoption Story – When Love Overcomes Fear

My name is Tim, and I want to tell you our adoption story. We were scared. We didn’t know what...

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Become a Better Steward of God’s Resources

I know what you may be thinking… Oh great, another voice on money, giving, and stewardship. Well, this is going...

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Why People Leaving Your Church and Never Coming Back

There are many reasons why people may be leaving your church and never coming back. Some you can control and...

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Why Your Church Website Might Be Pushing People Away

Has your church website been pushing people away instead of encouraging them to visit? We recently did a random sampling...

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What happens when you don't keep your church website up to date?

What happens when you don’t keep your church website up to date?

“Many people simply don’t keep their websites up to date.” Check out this short 4-minute audio clip from Joshua on...

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