3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Church Website

Church websites are often poorly designed, filled with outdated content, and have confusing navigation. Relying on volunteers or cheap help can often lead to a bad situation for a church’s website, causing lost opportunities to attract visitors. We believe there are three easy ways to improve your church website. Read on to find out how your church can improve its website today!

1. Choose a modern church website design

Your church spends a lot of money to make sure the building is clean, the air is working, and the carpet is the right color. But have you ever considered that choosing the right design for your church website is important for attracting visitors? Tom Rainer, CEO of Lifeway, said in a blog post that church websites are often the first impression people will ever have of your church. Don’t let that first impression be a bad, lasting one. Find a website design for your church that is modern and attracts.

2. Keep your church website’s content updated and relevant

Have you ever visited a church and nobody showed up? I have. While in college I visited a church website to get the times for a college Bible study class. When I arrived I was told to head down into a basement fellowship hall and everyone would soon be there. I sat there waiting for more than 30 minutes until anyone showed up, and they told me the class wouldn’t start for another 30 minutes. Having updated church website content would have prevented me from having such a bad experience and absolutely destroying any trust opportunities the church would have had with a young college student at the time. Enlist volunteers. Empower youth. Pay for help. Do whatever it takes to keep your church website’s content updated and relevant and you’ll be well on your way to improving your church website.

3. Create a simpler navigation so people can find their way around your church website

Every church website is filled with jargon that most people in the world do not understand. For example, many churches proudly display their Beliefs page in the open and invite people to check it out. Beliefs are super essential for a church website, but when they are filled with statements followed by paragraphs of Scripture references, they don’t appeal to the average church website visitor. People are interested in simple things like the following:

  • What do I wear?
  • Is there childcare?
  • Does childcare cost money?
  • Where do I park?
  • How do I find my way around?
  • What time should I get there?

These are only some of the many questions people who have never stepped foot in your church will have. If you spend the time to make sure your navigation helps people find answers to these questions over paragraphs of beliefs, then you will improve your church website faster than ever!

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