Technology and the House Church

The house church is a great platform for media resources. There is no special set up or tear down. If your TV works or if you have access to the internet you are good to go! Unfortunately, many people do not use the resources readily available to them.

Lets start with a great promotional resource, email. Most people (if not everyone) in your house church have email connected with them at all times! Unfortunately many still are stuck in the mindset that people have to be on a computer for email to be effective. However, with today’s smart phone technology people take their emails wherever they go! Promote your next gathering with email. Set up a conversation with your people reminding them when and where you are meeting. If you need something brought to your gathering, get written confirmation from your people in the email. It also helps your people remember details they may forget otherwise because they can easily go back and check.

Next, lets look at your gathering preparation. Whether its studying the passage you are speaking on or showing a video to your group, don’t be afraid to use your cell phone or tablet. Many people are stuck in their ways and do not use digital bibles for studying because they are believed to contain less study tools. In today’s world thats just simply not correct! You have the whole internet at your finger tips! You would be amazed at the images, cross reference tools, and other study aids available from a simple google search! Also, many bible apps like YouVersion will have study tools containing thoughts and illustrations from various people all over the world! You can simply read them and if it fits the point you believe God is trying to convey, use it!

In most house churches there is a tool sitting right in front of them that seldom gets used. In fact, it gets turned off as soon as people arrive. Thats right, I am talking about the television! We don’t think to use this incredible tool to help us when it comes to house church. Whether its using the DVD player to play music for your group to sing worship songs with or plugging your computer into it using an hdmi cord so you can more easily view a video conveying your message, the television is often left out of a house church gathering. Try turning it on during your gathering and watch how God can use the television to expand on His glory!

Those are just a small number of technological items God can use to make your house church successful. Technology can be your best friend when it comes to house church and you don’t even need an audio/visual team to make it effective! Text or email your people with important details. Use your cell phone, tablet, and the internet to study and share scriptures and thoughts. And don’t be afraid to turn on the tv to make it easier for your people to see the message you are trying to convey!

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