The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life. Sermon. Wade Joye. Elevation Church. Sermon about Faith. Preview image of Wade Jose at Elevation Church preaching about faith.

Sermon About Faith

Wade Joye, one of the Worship Pastors at Elevation Church based out of Charlotte, North Carolina was a guest preacher. Wade helped take their church through a series called Seven Mile Miracle. Elevation is going through the last seven statements of Jesus on the cross. Wade was tasked with preaching a sermon about faith. In addition to just preaching, Wade shares his incredible testimony in this sermon.

In this sermon entitled “The Facts of Life”, Wade explains that even when we stuck in situations where life is stacked against us; when the facts say otherwise, we can trust and have faith in a soverign God. Wade shares his personal journey and the many trials he and his family has had to deal with and how they pull through.

Simply put, this sermon is easily one of the best you will ever hear!

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