How to find God’s rest in the middle of a busy work season

We all have busy “seasons” of life – mine happens to be the dreaded – tax season! dum dum dummm

Especially after days like today, clocking out after 11 hours at the office, it can feel like you’re simply living for the weekend. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, under appreciated and just plain tired when you let work suffocate you.

So brace yourselves for some real, simple truth – there’s a purpose for you outside of your job. Learning and embracing this simple truth is the first step to finding rest in God amidst a busy work season.

  1. Your identity is NOT found in your job title
    Resist the temptation to describe yourself, “I’m so-and-so and I work for such-and-such.” Our title is not who we are and is not who we were created to be. Our identity and purpose can only be found in Jesus.
  2. Stay focused & Be Efficient
    As we stay more focused on Jesus and less focused on our boss, we are able to navigate what’s worth our time and what isn’t. Our time is precious and how we use it says a lot about who we are. God calls us to give our first-fruits to Him, this includes our time!
  3. Prioritize & Effectively Communicate
    I constantly want to please those around me and I’m quick to say yes. Sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow us to complete a deadline on time or to take on a project at all – this is not a free pass to push back every deadline or say no to every opportunity, in fact, it’s quite the opposite – I’ve learned over the years that good communication with clients and an overall timely performance allows them to show you grace when your schedule is just too packed.
  4. Take time to rest
    A wise entrepreneur once told me to set aside one day per week to be “work free.” Seems strange coming from an entrepreneur, right? But I guarantee that this lifestyle choice is part of the reason why God has chosen to bless this business. After all, God created a day specifically for our rest – He knows we need it! When we use that day to rest in Him, our work throughout the rest of the week will be more efficient, more effective and most importantly, more Jesus focused!

When we let anything beside Jesus consume us, our impact becomes minimal. Make a point to take the time to rest in God during your busy work season this year and see how God uses it not only to change your life, but even the lives of those around you.

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