Moving People to Take Action From Your Church Website

One of the first places you can make an impact on someone is with your church website. Ensuring you have your church website setup correctly and laid out clearly can help you make the best impression the first time. This can also help attract new visitors to your church. Here are some tips to make sure you can move people to action when they visit your church website:

Make your Mission Clear

Every church has a mission and a personality. Make it clear what you do and this will help attract new people to your church as they identify with your mission and personality. You can do this through how you write your church content and the language you use. You can also communicate your church personality and mission with the photos you choose for your website.

Make it Easy to Participate and Contact You

Being able to visit your church should be easy, simple and have very little barriers. Make sure you communicate clearly the location, service times, and dress code (if there is one) on your church website. Also, make it easy for a new potential attendee to contact you and ask questions to eliminate fears. This will help to bring new people into your doors.

Clear Calls to Action

People need to be led, in-person and on your website. If you want people to take a specific action on your website make that action clear and stand out from the other content. This goes for both new people and current members of your church. For new people you may want them to fill out a contact form so you can consistently invite them to church and get to know them better. For current members, you may be hosting a community service day and seek volunteers to participate. Whatever it may be, make the action you want someone to take on your website clear.

Keep your Design and Messaging Consistent Across all Digital Platforms

Your website is your digital home base and should strongly reflect who you are and what you do as a church through its design, functionality and content. Paying close attention and ensuring your design is clean and your content is clear is an important first step.

Next, you want to make sure all other digital assets are consistent with your website look, feel and messaging. This consistency creates trust with people that are visiting your website online. People are inundated with websites, digital ads, and social content everyday. When there is inconsistency in website design, sponsored ads and digital assets, it makes people unsure. You want consistency across all of your digital platforms to create trust with people and help them feel comfortable attending your church.

Showcase Your People More Than Your Building

People who are interested in your church care less about what your building looks like and more about the people in it. They want to know what type of people attend your church and if they will fit in. It is okay to have an image of your church building on your website but don’t let it be the focal point. Get some high-resolution photos of people interacting at church functions, greeting each other, volunteering in the children and youth programs, etc. Then use those images as your focal images on your church website.


Sometimes it seems unclear what exactly your church website can do to affect change in your organization. Your church website can actually be quite important, especially when it comes to attracting new people to your church and even moving current members to action. Using the tips above will help you move people to action when they visit your church website.

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