How to reach millennials with your church website

Millennials are the generation of controversy. Some reports have deemed them lazy and entitled while others have found them to be forward-thinking and gracious. So who is right?! And how can we capitalize on this generation to help them be connected to Jesus and lead the global church into a bright and compelling future?

Here are 3 ways to reach millennials with your church website:

  1. Create content that promotes love and unity
  2. Normalize your writing so it makes sense beyond your walls
  3. Develop content that is social and shareable

Create content that promotes love and unity
One of the core essentials of Scripture is love. And surprisingly it is a huge value in the millennial generation. Yes, some people lose their mind in politics and social justice debates, but largely this generation wants to love others and be loved by others.

You must capitalize on this as a church if you want to make an impact on millennials.

Drop the divisive language on your site. You might disagree with homosexuality and drinking but these are things that need to be shared once you build a relationship with someone, not shouted at the top of your lungs before you know them.

Listing a few sins from Scripture out on your website is a huge turn off for people that are searching for a loving community.

Normalize your writing so it makes sense beyond your walls
The world often views church people as speaking in lofty, Shakespearean language. While we love the linguistics in the KJV and love Shakespeare, this does not help Millenials find your church attractive.

When your church is trying to reach Millenials, you need to speak their language. Jesus didn’t speak in a non-common way to the people. He got down on the level of those He was speaking with and still managed to declare the truth and glory of God.

For example, when speaking to a largely agricultural society, Jesus spoke in parables about agriculture. When he spoke to His disciples that were fishermen, He gave them fishing advice.

If we want our churches to reach Millenials, we have to stop the church lingo, lofty language, and confusing speech. We need the Gospel to be more accessible than ever and do not need to be a stumbling block to someone before they ever get a chance to meet Jesus.

Develop content that is social and shareable
Well-written and executed content is essential in reaching Millenials. This generation is one of the most connected and social generations we have ever had. As a result content needs to be created and communicated efficiently, and in bite-sized, digestible chunks. Writing content that can break down into small bits with bold headlines while introducing your main ideas is an easy way to make sure your content gets the best value. Reaching Millenials can be challenging but writing content in a social, shareable way is going to help your church in so many ways.

As you head down the road of making an impact on the millenial generation, just remember this above everything else: God loves you and God loves Millenials.

What seems frustrating or different or new or challenging is just the birth of a new expression and outpouring of love and devotion to honor our Lord by reaching another generation for Jesus. Join your church in reaching a generation that desperately needs the love of Jesus to propel our world forward.

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