How To Band Together As An Association To Share The Gospel

One of the best ways for churches to reach new people in their community with the message of the Gospel is to share resources. For some churches this is difficult because they are in communities without like-minded believers. But for others, like the Southern Baptist Convention churches, they are born into a connected community of resource sharers both at a state level and a regional association level.

We believe church associations are primed to take advantage of resource sharing in order to propel the Gospel forward online.

At ChurchPress, we have created a product that works at economies of scale. What this means is each time we create a website theme, we sell that one theme to multiple churches. But they won’t all look the same because we’ve built in customizable options so each church that adopts ChurchPress for their website will look different from anyone else.

Our websites start at only $60/month because we’ve been able to rely on church associations to get the word out to our network! Most companies pay thousands of dollars for their websites or they purchase something that wasn’t designed specifically for their needs. This creates a lot of headache and frustration.

ChurchPress is different. We create themes that work for churches like yours. And we make sure they are fully optimized to take advantage of faith-sharing opportunities to help you propel the Gospel forward online in your community.

Here are two ways we believe associations can band together with this mission:

  1. Associations that adopt ChurchPress for their web presence or hire our team to build a custom site will help provide immense value for their churches online
  2. Associations can help our team onboard dozens of churches at once so they can all take advantage of Google’s algorithms, our own optimization process, and get their messages heard quicker and more efficiently

Associations can adopt ChurchPress for their websites.

In fact, we’ve created a 3-minute survey to help us get to know your needs as an association. This is a great way to get started in working with our team to help your association promote your churches better online. Take the survey!

Associations can also help us reach more churches so they can take advantage of Google’s algorithms.

Like-minded technology builds trust for robots. We aren’t kidding either! Google has a very defined algorithm that is constantly fluxing and changing to meet the needs of search users everywhere. By on boarding with our team, all churches using ChurchPress will see the same value in having your church website perform really well with Google searches. We’ve adopted technology that is easily updated and provides the right syntax and language beneath the hood to make Google quickly trust your ChurchPress website and start reaching people online.

We believe associations as uniquely primed to help propel the Gospel forward. Fill out our survey or download our guide: 5 steps to make the right first impression with your church website and get started with ChurchPress today!

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