Erasing the Boundaries

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, baptizing and preaching in his name. That commandment wasn’t given to only pastors and elders – it was given to each of us. We are all called to share God’s light and love wherever we go. We’re called to share God’s truth and His mercy with the hurting, the lost, the hopeless, the proud, the broken, the overwhelmed… And when people are ready to repent and live a life fully devoted to Jesus, we can also celebrate with them by baptizing them, sharing communion with them, and learning scriptures alongside them.

In my church, our pastors have always given a new believer about to be baptized an opportunity to share their story of how they came to know and follow Christ. They ask if there was any particular person that was especially influential in his spiritual journey and if the person would like to be baptized by that person.

I love this tradition!

I’ve been blessed to see dads baptize their little girls, volunteer youth leaders baptize their students, small group leaders baptize group members. And I’ve even seen a teenager baptize a friend!

Let’s start erasing some of the traditional boundaries of the church. Let’s start seeing all of us as ministers of the gospel of Christ. Whether we are male or female, young or old, covered in tattoos or not, ordained or not, let’s breathe in and breathe out the life-changing love of Christ, and challenge those around us to do the same.

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