Spreading the Gospel with Technology

Bobby Gruenwald and Life.Church created an app that launched with the original iPhone to help users engage with Scripture like never before. By creating a mobile version of the Bible the Word of God has been extended into the hands of millions of users through a simple tap.

We believe followers of Jesus have always had the most potential to tap into the creative and innovative mind of our Creator. From the Gutenberg press launching the first printed version of Scripture to the men and women who risked their lives to smuggle Bibles into cities and countries where it was banned, the Bible on an app is one more way that the Church has the potential to spread its message of Hope and Healing to the world like never before.

At ChurchPress, we desire to help you spread the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth with a simple tool called a website. With more than 2 billion people connected to the web and millions more being added every day, today really can be the day of Salvation for many who have never heard a message of Hope and Love.

Here is a list of some simple ways you can get started today in spreading the Gospel with Technology:

1. SMS the Gospel

This is one of the most underutilized tools for spreading the Gospel to the world. We are all connected with people through our phones. And we often text before calling or leaving a voicemail. It’s time to view this tool as an opportunity to share scripture, share what God’s doing in your life, or let people know how much you care and love them.

2. Email the Gospel

This is probably the most common tool churches use to connect to their members. But the problem is, it’s mostly used to send out an email newsletter filled with lots of information but often only one or two things that provide value to the recipient. Start using email to band small groups of people together around prayer, recapping the weekend’s sermon, and sharing what God is doing in your life or the life of your church. Make communication personal and relevant and see how this tool becomes more vibrant and useful.

3. Share the Gospel

This seems self-explanatory. But think in terms of social media, text messaging, and email. We always share or like the latest inspiring post, great C.S. Lewis quote, or a picture meme that resonates. Or we might share a generic verse from a Bible app. But take time to see these tools as communication vehicles to share the Gospel and what Jesus has done in your own life. Make it relevant and personal. Give your active and living testimony. Not that you were saved, but that you are continuing to be saved every day and what that means to you. Our God is good and relatable through Jesus, so make it a priority to intentionally convey that to the people in your life.

4. Speak the Gospel

Another self-explanatory but sometimes it’s just good to speak and converse. In-person is great but it doesn’t have to be. Call or FaceTime with a friend and speak life and truth into their situation by speaking the Gospel. Share scripture, pray, encourage, love. All these things can go far into making disciples and building the Church.

5. Read the Gospel

Finally, it’s the one we’ve all heard, but the majority of Christians don’t make this a priority. Grab a Bible plan from YouVersion and read it daily. Spend time pouring into God’s Word without commentary and distractions. Read books of the Bible or finish daily plans. And of course spend time praying to the Lord or reading the prayers to Him in Scripture. This will not only help you draw closer to God and understand His Word more, but it will also help you build the confidence that you need to spread the Gospel to the World and know when to do that, what vehicle to use, and ultimately how to help people walk across the line from death to life.

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