3 tools church leaders need to be more effective and save time

As a church leader, you need the right tools to be more effective in less time. You have to juggle church meetings, staff, counseling appointments, and still have time to prepare your sermons. All while somehow still trying to spend time with family!

Here are three tools that you can use to increase your effectiveness as a church leader:

1. Write down meeting and sermon notes with Evernote
Evernote is a great tool for taking notes quickly and keeping them in sync across your devices. It comes with the ability to take notes on any of your devices and keep them in perfect sync. You can also tag them or create multiple notebooks to keep everything organized. Evernote is a great tool and one that every pastor needs in your arsenal. For those interested more in Evernote hacks, check out Michael Hyatt’s guide to using Evernote.

2. Sync all your files with Dropbox
Many of you have probably already used Dropbox. But are you using it as a resource for your entire church? Dropbox keeps all your files in sync and allows you to quickly share files with people and teams. We store all our essential work documents in Dropbox so it serves as a backup method for our computers. You can also use it to store presentations and files and pull them up on mobile devices when on the go.

3. Stop emailing and start using Slack
This is a pretty new app on the scene that is changing the game for teams everywhere. As a pastor, you can set the communication tone throughout your church by onboarding your staff and volunteers with Slack. Slack allows you to create channels around topics or projects that help get rid of the little email replies that take up so much time and energy to check. Slack acts similar to a public chatroom where messages are left waiting until you can reply. But it also gives you the feature to send a notification to everyone at once when you tag them with “@channel”

There are many tools that church leaders can use to be more effective in less time, but these are some of our favorites.

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