10 Free Resources for Preaching and Teaching

You have your scripture or topic. You have begun putting your thoughts on paper. Now you need something to take it over the top to a great sermon or lesson. Here is a quick list of 10 resources you can use for preaching and teaching:

  1. thebibleproject.com (My personal favorite. Video illustrations, etc.)
  2. newspringnetwork.com (Videos, graphics, etc.)
  3. life.church (Videos, Images, invites, etc.)
  4. sermonillustrations.com (Quotes, stories, etc.)
  5. godtube.com (Videos)
  6. newlifechurch.tv (Image backgrounds, motion video loops, etc.)
  7. creationswap.com (They promote premium paid content but still have a lot of free too)
  8. onechurchresource.com (Images for sermons, kids, youth, and even some promotional content)
  9. stufficanuse.com (Sermon images)
  10. openresources.org (Sermon images)

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